About LiDAR

Courtesy of the Folks at NEON

NEON Notes Location

Courtesy of Leica Geosystems – Chapter 2 of 3 – Tripod based LiDAR

Courtesy of Amar Nayegandhi at Dewberry

Please check out this video from my colleague and friend Amar. He explains LiDAR very well in this video. Below the video, there is a Youtube link to the series of videos by Amar and Dewberry.

Dewberry LiDAR Video Series

The following is courtesy Greg Lennon as a result of his comment provided.

LiDAR Wikipedia

The National LiDAR dataset

National LiDAR Dataset

More on LiDAR

More on LiDAR from wikipedia


1 Response to About LiDAR

  1. Greg Lennon says:

    If you’re looking for a topic to blog about (or even just mention), I’d appreciate it if would call attention to the Wikipedia pages about LiDAR, and especially the page I started to compile all known US counties (and even states) with fully available, high resolution (~1-2m posting) LiDAR data. [This page.]

    My hunch is that those readers of your blog who don’t already know about this page will find it of interest, and of course, I also hope that if any of your readers know of counties that should be listed they’ll either add them directly to the page or will speak up to ask someone else to add them.

    One other topic to consider: near-ground (within 2 meters) vegetative classification, especially using open source or readily available software. It’s an interesting topic that like many “extractive” abilities seems to be coming along nicely and be of increasing use to many folks.


    Greg Lennon, Red Arrow Maps
    And also: Lidar Links for Mappers

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