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LiDAR pictures of the Day (Infoterra U.K)

The pictures are provided by infoterra located in the U.K. please visit their web site by clicking on the link below. Also see pictures provided below “click to enlarge” infoterra

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Picture of the day (Mobile LiDAR)

This image was provided by Optech “click to enlarge”

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LiDAR Training – Webinar

NYS GIS Assn Training Webinar: A Simple Example of Working with LiDAR Data using ArcGIS & 3D Analyst” Please join the NYS GIS Association for a training opportunity on Wednesday, March 23rd, from Noon to 1:30 p.m. Barb and Dave … Continue reading

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New LiDAR blog

This is an interesting new LiDAR blog. Check it out. They are talking about Flash LiDAR in the latest post. There are some new flash LiDAR at 256×256 but the cost can be very expensive. I think these systems provide … Continue reading

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Picture of the Day

This was provided by AeroMetric from one of their mobile lidar collections.

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Picture of the Day

This is some mobile LiDAR of a road From a LYNX mobile LiDAR system. It would be nice to see some examples of other mobile systems if someone would like to provide these in Jpeg format to me I would … Continue reading

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Hydro-Flattening Versus Hydro-Conditioning

Please see link below provided by Jason Stoker at the “Click” site. In the presentation there are a couple of slides on this topic. Thanks Jason for providing this information. ILMF presentation on Click

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Hydro-Flattening versus Hydro-Conditioning

I have been asked the difference between these to terms. My initial understanding that these terms meant the same thing but some folks say they are different. I was looking for people’s opinion on this or if anyone knows if … Continue reading

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Top 5 Calibration Mistakes

1. Over calibration – The processor adjusts one variable in the calibration rather than adjusting the correct value and than starts adjusting other values to compensate for the incorrect adjustment. changing Heading and than adjusting Pitch slope error to correct … Continue reading

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