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LiDAR For Dummies

DLT Solutions and AutoDesk have teamed to release a Book called “LiDAR for Dummies” and it is free. Please click on the link below to sign up for the free book. Lidar For Dummies

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LiDAR Ground Filtering- Feature Extraction

This is an interesting paper on Ground filtering along coastal areas. It is posted on LiDAR News and can be found by clicking the link below. Coastal Filtering

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I have created a category DEM/DSM/DTM so if you want to just look at information by category and goto the categories pull down on the right and select a category to view such as DEM/DSM/DTM and you will see only … Continue reading

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LiDAR News

Please check out the new format of LiDAR news. This is a pretty cool website and LiDAR blog. LiDAR news

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LiDAR Solar Mapping

There has been a lot of interest in using LiDAR for solar mapping. This would be the mapping for placement of solar panels. The slope and aspect of roofs need to be determined in relationship of sun angles at a … Continue reading

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Picture of the day

Mobile LiDAR Intensity Image (click on Image)

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Mission Calibration

There is several ways to calibrate LiDAR Data wheather it is from a Optech, Leica or Reigl system. The two most common ways are by flying a mission calibration over the base of operation or a cross flight over the … Continue reading

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