Optech LMS

Optech released LiDAR Mapping Suite (LMS). The software calibrates LiDAR from all Optech sensors and outputs LAS format files. The software is mostly machine time but takes sometime. There are advantages and disadvantages of the software and it provides an excellent tool to calibrate Optech LiDAR systems. Any feedback on this software is welcome.


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  2. rich says:

    sorry, i think i’m being a complete idiot… I don’t know exactly what the software calibrates, is it the intensity of the pulse return, or the calibration of [something] across all the OPTECH systems?

    • bloglidar says:

      The software calibrates and processes Optech LiDAR to LAS format. The calibration of the LIDAR is done and than the LiDAR is output in LAS format and it is all automated. It used planar surfaces, roof tops and the least squares to determine the calibration. Obviously, Cross flights need to be flown during the mission to use for the calibration. The software is getting better and I am hopeful for improvements but it is extremely good right now as long as the process is done correctly. If you are interested you should call Optech and talk to them about it. I am also going to right an article about the software and it should be coming out in a month or so.

  3. lms software says:

    Proprietary stand-alone LMS solutions have facilitated the growth of online and hybrid teaching and learning applications.

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