Picture – Mobile LiDAR data

The picture is from an Optech Lynx system. Notice the coal veins on the side of the pit wall and the detail of the tractor. The veins appeared more detailed in the LiDAR data than in a RGB image.


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4 Responses to Picture – Mobile LiDAR data

  1. Jason says:

    Does this have anything to do with the spectral response of coal at 1.5 micron as opposed to in the visible spectrum perhaps?

    • bloglidar says:

      Yes, The laser used for this is system is 1550 nm and we see similar types of results with the airborne lasers that operate at 1064 nm and even on very new asphalt surfaces when the power setting is set to low for the altitude flown at. the first lasers I worked with had extreme difficulty with Coal piles and some difficulty from the material along railroads. I think it is just cool..! I guess the Laser scientists at the manufacturer could explain the more detailed scientific explanation to this.

  2. rich says:

    one of its other rarely reported benefits of lidar is that the images often make for good desktop backgrounds!

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