LiDAR For Dummies

DLT Solutions and AutoDesk have teamed to release a Book called “LiDAR for Dummies” and it is free. Please click on the link below to sign up for the free book.

Lidar For Dummies

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6 Responses to LiDAR For Dummies

  1. Gene Roe says:


    Congratulations on the book – great job.


  2. Milad says:

    How I can get it please

  3. bloglidar says:

    I updated the link to the book and you will have to click on the link and fill out the form and DLT Solutions will give you access to it. I just filled out everything and I had access to an electronic copy of the book. let meknow if it works

  4. Mel says:

    The book is no longer available from DLT. Any thoughts on how I could get a copy? Thank you!

    • bloglidar says:

      I will work on locating a source for the book but DLT owns the rights to it maybe difficult to find another source. If they make it available again I will let you know.

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