Top 5 Calibration Mistakes

1. Over calibration – The processor adjusts one variable in the calibration rather than adjusting the correct value and than starts adjusting other values to compensate for the incorrect adjustment. changing Heading and than adjusting Pitch slope error to correct for it
2. Adjusting Variables that should not be adjusted like scan angle correct and Torrison
3. letting TerraMatch do all the work, although terramatch is a good tool, it can’t be relied on solely as the calibration tool. It makes assumptions about the sensor that can cause some significant problems
4. Using incorrect GPS and IMU data. If this data is wrong than you will never get the calibration correct. Taking time to make sure the POS data has been processed correctly is key to making sure the Calibration is successful.
5. Fat fingering something incorrectly and not tracking the re-iteration of the calibration when modifying the Calibration file

Any comments are welcome and I would like to hear about your feelings on Optech’s LMS and Reigl’s calibration process which help eliminate must of these mistakes and what you feel about Terramatch in relationship to calibration or in combination with the new calibration processes.


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2 Responses to Top 5 Calibration Mistakes

  1. Joe Danzer says:

    Great post. Words to live by. BTW: the new version of TerraMatch is really getting the data to come together quite nicely.

  2. Jose Julio says:

    Very interesting, I really agree with you… Lidar calibration is a science itself… A good final check (against good data) is a must.

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