Leica Announces The Release of The ALS-70

Hexagon Geosystems Geospatial Division is proud to announce the release of the ALS70, our latest airborne LiDAR system. There are many new innovations in the ALS70 and we wanted to share this news with you.
Leica Geosystems announces the release of the new ALS70 family of airborne LiDAR systems. The new product line, consisting of ALS70-CM City Mapper, ALS70-HP High Performance and ALS70-HA High Altitude models, covers the entire range of LiDAR mapping applications, and represents a significant advancement in the state-of-the-art for airborne LiDAR.

Industry-Leading 500 KHz Pulse Rate
According to Ron Roth, Product Manager for Airborne LiDAR at Hexagon Geosystems’ Geospatial Solutions Division, “The market constantly demands higher productivity from airborne sensing systems to reduce the equipment and labor costs associated with data collection, but this cannot be done at the expense of data quality. By incorporating Point Density Multiplier technology, we were able to develop a LiDAR product that offers an industry-leading 500 kHz pulse rate and 200 Hz scan rate, for ultra high point density and unrivaled control over the point pattern on the ground. This new technology gives the superior data acquisition productivity that our customers desire, without the complexity of multiple lasers or scanners.”

New Detection Circuitry
“In addition to Point Density Multiplier, ALS70 incorporates new detection circuitry providing superior sensitivity to small or low-reflectivity targets. This has proven itself already on power line data acquisition, where even the smallest high-voltage and ground wires can be readily measured” explains Ron Roth.

Upgradeability of Existing Leica ALS60 Systems
“Market acceptance has been extremely encouraging, with 8 systems, representing the entire product line, delivered already. Because this technology is based on the proven Leica ALS60 platform, existing ALS60 systems can be transformed into the new model, thus preserving current customers’ investments” concludes Ron Roth.


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3 Responses to Leica Announces The Release of The ALS-70

  1. bretel says:

    can we get more technical details on these innovations ? ranges for the 500 KHz ? same pulse system but better detection system that allows a higher pulse rate or a completely new pulse rate system ? concerning the scan rate : change of mirror or same mirror with higher oscillation speed (quid of torsion effects) ? thank you

  2. bloglidar says:

    I will get Leica to e-mail you more information on this system

  3. ttfn says:

    Just for those who didn’t go for greater research:
    500kHz is made possible by adding second receiver and using complex optics to split a single laser beam into two. Those beams are spread by about 2deg within Y axis and detected separately (MPiA). This eliminates very difficult calibration problems from two independent light sources (other sensors). Laser is working on industry standard of 250kHz then without adding more noise.
    When it comes to scan, it’s a very complex mirror/prism optic which allow 3 different scan patters from same system: Sinus, Triangle and Raster where Sinus can go up to 200 Hz (previously only possible in 360* rotating mirrors in mobile scanners). Even with so high spec, system is capbale to stay within 7-16cm Vertical accuracy at 1 sigma.
    BTW. I have already seen data produced by this system and it’s absolutely stunning in terms of density and quality.

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