LiDAR picture of the Day

The following was provided by Rob Merry of AeroMetric. The data was collected using Tuck Mapping’s Helicopter LIDAR Sensor and Processed By AeroMetric. Anyone can post a Picture of the Day or if you have interesting topics you want to post please let me know.


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  1. Greetings:
    To support a systematic geospatial survey of Carolina bay landforms, I have built hsv-shaded LiDAR-derived DEMs for use in Google Earth. Thes cover the area which have both Carolina bays and publicly available LiDAR elevation data. Over 00 tiled sets, each covering 1/4º x 1/4º are on line can be linked into Google Earth using the Google Fusion Table at map at
    Green icons denote the regions we have implemented LiDAR overlays.

    As a side activity, I have done a few LiDAR-as-art images, and one is being used on the GSA’s 2011 Wall calendar, for the month of November. It was also used as the Earth Science Picture of the Day,

    You can grab a copy of that from ESOP, or from my page at , which also has more “LiDAR as Art”.

    – Michael

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