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ASPRS Airborne Topographic Lidar Manual
Michael Renslow, Editor
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The ASPRS Airborne Topographic Lidar Manual is the first comprehensive manual published on lidar technology. Edited by Michael Renslow, an industry leader on the topic, the book pulls chapter material from lidar industry experts worldwide.


Contents included covers:
· Chapter 1 — A brief laser history, as well as terminology and definitions

· Chapter 2 — An overview of ALS Technology, including operating principles, key elements of ALS systems and their major functions, types of steering of a laser beam full waveform lidar, and the first information available on FLASH lidar

· Chapter 3 — Discusses enabling technologies – both spaceborne and ground

· Chapter 4 — Covers Airborne installation and integration of ALS systems including rotary-wing and fixed-wing platforms

· Chapter 5 — Guidelines for lidar data collection describes flight mission planning, planning of ground reference stations, in-flight calibration of ALS systems, flight operation guidelines for pilots, and in-flight quality control

· Chapter 6 — Covers data processing workflow, pre- and post-processing, as well as data accuracy and quality assurance.

· Chapter 7 — Outlines the status of the lidar industry support systems, including fixed-wing and rotary systems, lidar data management, and the LAS data format.

· Chapter 8 — Deals with combining lidar data with complementary technologies.

· Chapter 9 — Gives current accuracy standards and guidelines, including examples of lidar-specific metadata tags

· Chapter 10 — Gives detailed coverage of various applications for lidar use

The book includes an appendix of the GEOID models and vertical datum, quality control processes for data users, an example of lidar metadata, and a glossary.

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