‘Lost City of Gold’ LiDAR

This is an article on CNN’s New site about using LiDAR to find a lost city. Currently, several Companies and agencies use LiDAR for this application.


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  1. talamachusee says:

    Lidar would be of great use in studying the advanced culture that occupied the region south of Lake Okeechobee, FL which was densely populated between around 200 AD and 1150 AD. The towns were were interconnected with an extensive network of canals, locks (yes locks) and raised causeways. There is insufficient funds available to survey the region with conventional archaeological techniques. By the way, the History Channel won’t give me a copy of the lidar scan of the Track Rock Terrace Complex in Georgia, even though the premier of America Unearthed was based on my studies there. Complain to your congressmen! LOL

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