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The following link is to an Article in LIDAR News about the history Channels Mystery of The Serpents. Check it out

Mystery Of the Serpents

The following is a link to the rest of the magizine

Vol 4 No. 4 LiDAR News

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  1. Dave Tewksbury says:


    Nice article.



  2. talamachusee says:

    Got a question for you LIDAR pros. The Track Rock Terrace Complex has turned out to be the tip of the iceberg for a “Lost Civilization” in northern Georgia, NE Alabama and NW South Carolina. We have identified 14 major town sites and about a dozen smaller sites. Some the sites stretch for 1 1/2 to 2 miles. The towns sites with stone ruins flew right of the radar of Georgia’s archaeologists, but do not fly over the LIDAR scans. (small pun)

    The survey work is being made possible by the full cooperation of several county governments and their GIS departments. However, the LIDAR images they are providing only show ground level terrain. That is fine for discovering large terraces, mounds, Maya style ball courts and reservoirs, but not for creating fine grained three dimension virtual reality models that include building ruins and altars. The county agencies do not have software that can work with LIDAR points that have multiple classes.

    The foundation that is sponsoring this research is willing to buy me the software i need to convert raw LIS date to 3D models that I can then covert to CADD based virtual reality models. However, we don’t know what software to buy. Do any of you have recommendation?

    Thanks! Richard Thornton

    • Jamie Young says:

      what is the resolution of the data you are using? You want to take all the classes of the data and look at those? correct? or do you just want to make a 3-D model of the current bare earth data? It seems that some analysis of the other classes would be useful. I would start with LP360 and take with the folks at GeoCUE and see if they can help you. The guys name there that is most Knowledgeable or can get the answer you need is a good friend Derrick Wagg. I would talk to him. Also the resolution of the data is key to what you can see in the data. May i ask where the data came from? or who provided it, and what type of system was used or when it was collected. This will help me understand the extent of what you can do with the data. Good luck man

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