I have a new position

I am now Senior Geospatial Technologist at Merrick & Company. It was a fun ride at AeroMetric and Quantum Spatial and I wish them well. Further updates coming soon.

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4 Responses to I have a new position

  1. Chris says:

    What the $*%^#&*^$@*&^$?

  2. Terry L. Leininger says:

    Great news! Best of luck to you, it was good working with you.

  3. Antonio Blowsgoats says:

    SHEBOYGAN, WIS., February 5, 2016 – Arlington Capital announces that the CEO of Quantum Spatial, a data analytics company, Rajib Roy will be replaced by intuitive voice recognition software. Roy, who has been Quantum’s CEO since 2014, became known as “the Forrest Gump of the mapping world” due to his impressive blog site dedicated to the sport, and his recent accomplishment on jogging in 25 of the 50 United States. Arlington spokesman admitted, “While we are proud of his jogging accomplishments he unfortunately knew nothing about the geo-spatial industry and only accomplished a series of impressive doodles during high profile board of director meetings.”

    The change will be effective on Wednesday February 10th. Mr. Roy said that he views the employment hiatus with mixed feelings, and intends to prove his worth to prospective fortune 500 employers by completing next year’s Boston marathon in the top 10. His final reflection, “I won’t let this get me down. Being raised in technologically savvy India I am accustomed to this cut-throat business atmosphere. My father was replaced by a Ti-30 calculator, and my grandfather was replaced by a typewriter. I’ll just keep running until I reach the finish line. They say that ‘no matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch’ and isn’t that the truth!”

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