USGS NGP LBS V1.0 Revision 1.1

Please see the LiDAR Specifications page, a revision to the USGS NGP LBS V1.0 specification as indicted as “USGS NGP LBS V1.1”. I am not sure why it is still called the V1.0 specification but at the bottom of the page it says Version 1.1. There has to be a reason but I don’t know what it is. Anyone that knows please comment so we all know.


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  1. Karl Heidemann says:

    This was an unfortunate carry-over from the previous version that somehow escaped notice. It is my understanding that the document is being corrected and will be re-posted under the simple title of “Lidar Base Specification”. The version will be noted lower on the cover and title page. I apologize for the confusion.

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