Photon LiDAR

There has been a lot of talk about Photon LiDAR which could be defined as Geiger Mode and Single photon LiDAR. Check out the article at the link below to read more on this technology. To get a different view of this technology please visit Sigma Space and Harris Corporations wed sites to learn more on this technology

Are We There Yet?

Link to full LiDAR News Issue

LiDAR News Vol5no3


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3 Responses to Photon LiDAR

  1. Could you please explain photon LIDAR in layman’s language? I know what a photo is, but don’t understand how it could be used to measure three dimensional objects like radar can.

    I am an enthusiastic user of LIDAR services, but not a LIDAR engineer.


    Richard Thornton

  2. I know what a photon is (not photo) It has been a long day. My gear shift fell off the steering column of my Explorer!

    • bloglidar says:

      I will respond accordingly but in short they shoot photons from a photon multiplier and/or how it works is not completely understood by me yet but basically the shoot the photon out and they receive return information to measure the features.


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