LiDAR in the philippines

Check out the blog post about the history channel show that premiers March 19, 2019.

Hunt for buried Treasure

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LIDAR on History Channel

This new show on History Channel will feature Drone LiDAR technology as well as other forms of LiDAR on Episode #2. March 19th a series called Lost Gold of World War II Will air on march 19th, 2019. Here is a trailer for that show…

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Check this article about that I helped with for Riegl


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LiDAR Drone Pilot Opportunity

PrecisionHawk Inc. located in Raleigh, North Carolina is looking to hire several LiDAR Drone pilots. Please see the opportunity and apply at the link below:

LiDAR Drone Pilot

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Reigl Drone Minivux LiDAR

Here is an article about Reigl’s line of of Minivux drone LiDARs

The Reigl miniVUX-UAV1

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PrecisionHawk and AstraLite fly UAV bathymetric LiDAR

Check out the AstraLite website for information on the UAV Bathymetric LiDAR. AstraLite is working together with Precisionhawk to develop a cost effective option for small Bathymetric LiDAR collections. The AstraLite Bathymetric liDAR is flown on a custom designed Xfold Dragon Drone built by Xfold and provided by PrecisionHawk. Please click on the link below to learn more.

AstraLite and PrecisionHawk

to learn more about XFOLD click the link below


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Little Bathy LiDAR

Please check out the latest article in LiDAR Magazine about the development of bathymetric LiDAR for drones by ASTRALiTe on page 26 and the rest of the articles fin the latest issue.

LIDAR News Vol 7 No 6

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