Airport Mapping

Check out the latest issue of LiDAR News and the article on Page 12 about Using LiDAR for Airport Mapping

LiDAR News Vol. 6 No. 4

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Tying Data Together

Short article about tying LiDAR data together. click link below

Tying Data Together

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Hybrid LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicle Mapping and State of the LiDAR Profession

Please see Link below for the two articles as follows:

Closer Than It Looks
State Of The LiDAR Profession

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Solution Based Remote Sensing Analytics

See link below to see the article

Solution Based Remote Sensing Analytics

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Positive train Control (PTC)

Check out the new article in LiDAR News about PTC
Hydrid LiDAR for PTC

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Feature Extraction Teaser

Here is a link to the first in a series of articles I am writing about feature extraction.comments welcome

Feature Extraction

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ILMF annoucement

Miss ILMF 2016, miss a lot. Here’s a sample of critical content for LiDAR leaders:


Beyond Titanic – The Pursuit of Tactical Oceanography
Dave Gallo, PhD, Senior Advisor for Strategic Initiatives; Center for Climate and Life, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory; Columbia University

Pursuing Ancient Myths and Unveiling Lost Cultures with New Technologies
Christopher T. Fisher, PhD, Archaeologist, Professor, Colorado State University

Read more here: Read more here:


– Updates on the USGS NGP LiDAR Base Specification
– Single Photon, FLASH and Geiger Mode LiDAR: Manufacturers’ Perspective
– USGS Evaluation of Single Photon and Geiger-Mode LiDAR Technology for 3DEP
– Current and Coming Innovations in Linear LiDAR Technology
– Game-Changing Technologies on the Horizon
– UAV/UAS Integration
– Topo-Bathymetry
– Data Fusion & Processing
– Pointclouds & Automated Feature Extraction
– Forestry & Vegetation Monitoring
– Developments in Data Classification & GIS Modeling
– UAVs for Utilities and Inspections

See the full program here: Summary


– Experts from Chicago Transit Authority, Edison Electric Institute, FHA, North Carolina Emergency Management, Southern Florida Water Management District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, USGS and Utah DOT are among the more than 50 presenters on the program.
See the full list here: presenters

– See who’s attending:


– See who’s exhibiting:

So you see, you’ll miss a lot if you miss this year’s ILMF.

It’s not too late to register and be in the know.


Please contact me with any questions or if I can help in any way.

Laura Hernandez
Conference Advisor

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