Geiger Mode LiDAR Blog

Check out Princeton Lightwave’s LiDAR blog as it relates to focal plane LiDAR

Princeton Lightwave Blog


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Changing Specifications

Check out my latest article in LiDAR Magazine on changing specifications. Also check out the full Magazine at the links provided.

Changing Specifications

LiDAR Magazine Vol6no6

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You Can Do that For How Cheap and We can do it for $100 Dollars

In October 2015, I wrote an article about the cost of LiDAR and what can be expected per square mile. Below is the link to that article and another article responding to my article and that Link is provided below as well. I am glad that the article I wrote in October of last year is still generating discussion and interest. My intent in writing articles is to better the LiDAR field and inform LiDAR users and Professionals insight and education on LiDAR. I don’t know everything about LiDAR and I definitely don’t have all the answers but I am again happy that this remains a topic of discussion. Please evaluate the two articles and draw your own conclusions.

You Can Do that For How Cheap?

YES, WE CAN: Provide High-Quality LiDAR for Less Than $100 per Square Mile

Also Please see the latest addition of LiDAR News linked below for other articles on liDAR Like the one I recently published on LiDAR specifications

LiDAR News vol6 No6

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Scott’s Discovery Hut

Check out the new LiDAR News and the article about Scott’s Discovery Hut and the LiDAR Scan of it on page 36 at the following link

LiDAR News Vol.6 No.5

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Airport Mapping

Check out the latest issue of LiDAR News and the article on Page 12 about Using LiDAR for Airport Mapping

LiDAR News Vol. 6 No. 4

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Tying Data Together

Short article about tying LiDAR data together. click link below

Tying Data Together

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Hybrid LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicle Mapping and State of the LiDAR Profession

Please see Link below for the two articles as follows:

Closer Than It Looks
State Of The LiDAR Profession

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