LiDAR in Google Earth

The following is a picture of LiDAR surface model imported into Google Earth and the surface has all the functionality of Google Earth. clock on image to make larger.


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8 Responses to LiDAR in Google Earth

  1. wolfsnipes says:

    Can you elaborate on how it was imported and what version of google earth this works in?

  2. bloglidar says:

    You have to get your LiDAR in a GeoTiff format and I did this in Google Earth Pro and than saved the information in KMZ format so others could use it.

  3. MJ says:

    Is the KMZ available? I’d like to show my students in our cartography lab.

  4. Nouri says:

    can we do this by exporting the lidar to kmz file than open it in google earth standard? is there a way to open the lidar into google earth without using the pro version?


    • bloglidar says:

      I have not seen a way to do this. Typically, i just save the LiDAR surface as IMG format and than import that into Google earth or save as a KML and import it into Google earth.

  5. The Meerkat says:

    This only imports a 2d image of the lidar, Not a true DEM from the lidar

    • bloglidar says:

      The image you have here is just a screen Shot of the data in google earth. I would have to provide you the google earth file to see it in 3-D and have it located correctly. let me know if you have the KMZ and if not I can email it to you.

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