Additional Times for “America Unearthed” showcasing LiDAR

The premier episode of America Unearthed will be airing this Friday, December 21st at 10PM EST/9PM CST on History’s new network, H2. This episode will also be airing on Sunday, December 23rd (at 10/9pm Central) and Thursday, December 27th (9/8pm Central). Check your local listings for the channel number and additional air dates and times.

Also, you can find out more information about the show by visiting, America Unearthed


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2 Responses to Additional Times for “America Unearthed” showcasing LiDAR

  1. This is Richard Thornton, who was on America Unearthed. Lidar is a wonderful tool for Historic Preservation architects like myself. Well . . . with all the publicity from America Unearthed, I guess I will now be an Archaeo-tect. An archaeology firm, that specializes in Lidar and satellite based analysis has asked me to collaborate with them.

    The show made it look like a one man crusade, but actually there are many Native American researchers involved . . . and we are making major progress. Thank you to all those on this web site, who have done so much to advance this powerful technology!

  2. bloglidar says:

    Richard, thank you for your comment and that is great that you will be using LiDAR and Satellite data for your work. Let me know if you have anything interesting to share about your work and I would be happy to post on my Blog

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