Landslide and Fault Detection

This is a pretty cool video from WSI a Quantum Spatial Company. It was made to show how LiDAR data can be used for Landslides and fault detection.

Landslide and Fault Video

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1 Response to Landslide and Fault Detection

  1. Bob Thomason says:

    Excellant dataset! I have done the same kind of work in the past and it is truly amazing that this kind of detail is even available in 200′ Pine trees in SE Alaska!!
    We actually “found” a landslide that was “heard” in the late 1800’s but nobody EVER knew where it was exactly, that is untill we at AeroMetric Anchorage indentified this huge 3 mile long slide clearly through these amazingly tall trees.
    WSI, has always done amazing work, with an amazing staff and this video is just one more well deserved feather in their proverbial hat!!

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