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Landslide and Fault Detection

This is a pretty cool video from WSI a Quantum Spatial Company. It was made to show how LiDAR data can be used for Landslides and fault detection. Landslide and Fault Video

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Forest Structure Modeling and Biometrics Analysis

WSI located in Oregon has a really cool video on what they are doing with forest structure modeling and biometrics Analysis. Please click on the link below to be directed to the video. WSI- Forest Structure and Biometrics

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WiLDER LiDAR Blog content

If you want to contribute to the blog with pictures, articles and other information, I would be happy to post content for you. Please just let me know. Jamie

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LMS article

The following is an article about the Optech LMS software Optech LMS

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Hydro-Flattening versus Hydro-Conditioning

I have been asked the difference between these to terms. My initial understanding that these terms meant the same thing but some folks say they are different. I was looking for people’s opinion on this or if anyone knows if … Continue reading

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