Video of the Cahokia Mounds

The following link is a video of the Cahokia Mound made by Al Klein and requested by Richard Thornton. Let me know if you want additional graphics of the site and I will Post them.

Cahokia Mounds Video

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2 Responses to Video of the Cahokia Mounds

  1. Dave Tewksbury says:

    Thanks Jamie,

    Seems to me Richard is stretching things a bit in the H2 series, but appreciate the fact that he is keeping the technology discussion basically correct. Was a little concerned by how often he said that LiDAR would allow them to see what was under the ground.



    • bloglidar says:

      Richard is the guy the host Scott interviewed in the first episode last year. Scott Wolter is the Host of the Show but it makes for good TV and he sometimes doesn’t like to say what the director makes him to make good TV. I think that is what he is doing because in person he is a super solid guy and fun to hang out with.

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